Thursday, November 28, 2013

You will never fade away

   You maybe the best man of my life. You maybe the most good looking man I have ever seen and maybe you are way too superior to me. You think the whole world revolves around you like we know the theory of 'center of attraction', like gravity that attracts everything toward you. 

   You knew it from the beginning so you decided to play games out of it. You said you are the one and I believed you. You said you would never leave me and I believed you. Like a dark as the night and bright as the day I thought you will forever going to stay.

   I feed you with my pride and so called admiration. You rooted deep into my heart and I let you grow, day by day. I hold you so gently, I thought you would understand. I thought you would understand that you are my beloved, for me you are the
 precious and the only one. 

   But now I realize nothing lasts for long. The air that you breathe, the vision that you create is no longer the same. Your brightest face and your golden heart have lost its value. 

   Yes, it's not easy for me so I believe it's not easy for you too.

   Let's forget that I am deep cut inside and you are hiding your scars. Let's believe we are beautiful again and this is never going to fade away. Let the life lead us to new horizons. 

   But I have decided not to leave you like this. You will live with me forever, in my dreams, in my stories, in my old diaries, in my secret drawer, somewhere below my table and places where no one will ever imagine.

   So, at night when I will raise my head up and look for the moon, I will possibly think of only you, because I always, always do.

Friday, November 15, 2013

How would you react?

Every living creature on this earth do react to the situation only the difference is how differently they react to it. In some ways not reacting is another way of reacting too.

This blog is entirely based on my personal opinion. There are no scientific studies have been done before writing it, only a few interviews.

This is the general idea that some people react over the situation after analyzing it they are the superior and most intellectual humans on this earth. And there are some who react without being calculative in response they are considered to be less intellectual and less superior.

Let's take an example here, assume that your phone rings, how much time would you take to answer that phone call? Of course if it is an important call you would react instantly and answer it. If you are not sure about answering it you analysis for a while, but if it is totally unnecessary call you won't mind letting it go.

While talking to some of my friends I realized that there are a lot many factors which truly affects our way of responding to the situation because yes some situations are much bigger than answering the phone call so it needs more dimensions here.

Taking into the consideration about the factors, our nature, our society, our psychological states, our past experiences, sometimes our gender too and trust me our physical fitness also plays a vital role in it.

It has been examined that relaxed or tensed people do react slowly to the situation rather than the people somewhere in-between.

Our age, the older we grow the slower we react to the situation. This includes our maturity level as well.

Whereas the male dominating society is considered  I don't have to say that women will be less responsive.

Love and affection are another aspect that makes us more protective towards our loved one and interestingly it makes us generous towards the society too.

Physical fitness also has a direct effect. People who find themselves fit or say the fitter the person is likely to respond to the situation directly.

And this is silly but somehow right that men are good in analyzing the situation whereas women are good at feeling the concern of the people so I guess they feel first then do the analysis later on.

Well I do not want to win over the situation but personally I am not a superior kind of. I do not expect everybody to be on my side always but yes if things go wrong I do not want the people hanging around me and losing themselves in thinking, being analytical and calculative. Who cares about the time, situation, principles, right and wrong when your own people needs you, be supportive.

The only conclusion I can find here after interviewing people is everybody wants to be a good human being which is very good but everybody has their own perceptions and ideas about being good.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So I guess I am doing OK

I am sorry its been more than a month and I have not updated any of my posts. There were lots happening these days, a lot of personal experience to write about and being a blogger its sad for me how I am not able to express all these to you. And when I say lot it means festivals, gathering, meetings, celebrations, separation, doctors visit and much more. If I start writing about all these stories I could blog for a long 60 days, daily.

Last evening I was going through my old diaries and I am astonished to see how most of the incidents were so sad in nature. I wonder am I a negative kind of person or sad things give me much stronger emotion to write.

And last night I said goodbye to one of the finest friends of mine and at the other hand learned a new things about my this new friend. So I guess I am doing OK.

Apart from writing these days I am reading 'The Diary of a Young Girl' by Anne Frank. Good book.

Those who doesn't know I would like to share this information that I am working on my own novel as well. 5 years is the maximum time limit I am giving of myself to make it ready for publishing. And I don't mind sharing a few pages with my readers, so just let me know and all kinds of suggestions and advices are acceptable.

So after a long time its good to be in touch with you all. I would love to make this conversation two ways. Tell me about yourself, what are you reading, places you visited, your family, your friends, your problems and believe me I have a lot of things to share with you all too.

And the far most important thing for me right now is "No matter what, I shall not stop writing".