Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Waiting is boring

Coming back and joining office now seems to be the most idiotic thing I have recently done in my life. There is nothing to do, everything seems to be boring and I am missing my family.

Someone said it correctly "There is nothing new in the past". What is gone that is gone and what is lost that is lost, coming back and trying to find it is no worthy. Good things comes in our life if you keep moving forward.

Anyhow, I am leaving this city in a couple of weeks, so this situation is kind of making it easy for me getting depart without any heavy heart.

Today I have seen movie 'Mary and Max'. This is the fifth time I am watching it and I never get bored. I wish to write something interesting, but there is nothing.

In India these days politics is the only thing people are busy with. It's quite interesting.

I am planning to watch 'Toy story' tomorrow.

It's time for me to bed. Good night to all of you dear friends.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A day before leaving for New Delhi.

So today was a wonderful day. As a bachelorette today was my last day in office and one of my very close friend is got selected for a new job role, today was her last day in a team too.

Sad things always bring something good in your life, it's my personal experience.

Well, I am departing for New Delhi tomorrow 9 o'clock in the morning. I will be meeting my parents, brothers, my fiancĂ© and other relatives I am so excited. Now I feel like I am actually getting married. LOL.

Pardon me because these days I am simply thinking about marriage and only writing around it. This is a one time event of my life so please bear with me.

I am signing off, need to do my packing.

May God bless you, one and all.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Things to do before getting married.

   There were some of the things that I always wanted to do before I get married. I don't know that you have or possessed a list or not, but I have prepared mine few years back. And I am happy to tell you list have been achieved. Although this is sort of my personal stuff, but today I have decided to share it with you.

   In my previous blog, I have mentioned that soon I am going to get married and I guess it's time to loose the past and make some new place for the future.

So here is the list that I forever desired to answer before I get married (The list is not in the order of events):

1. Have a vacation or take a road trip with a group of girl friends.

2. Get my finance in order.

3. Travel somewhere exotic.

4. Help someone without wanting anything in return.

5. Learn to play an instrument.

6. Write my own book (in process)

7. Attend a concert or music festival.

8. Do something stupid.

9. Forgive someone.

10. To write a blog.

   My wedding is on the 2nd May but my beautician has not even been confirmed yet..... MARVELOUS, I don't know what I am going to do.

Well, everything else is going well. I hope the same for all of you.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getting near to my big day.

Like everybody else day by day I am drawing near to the greatest day of my life and today I am penning this blog to announce you all officially that I am getting married from the exact one month from today on 2nd of May 2014.

I was rather busy with shopping and meeting people lately. My shopping is almost all done. I have done my shopping from Dadar, Mumbai, most of the people were recommending this spot to me and it’s genuinely a gracious space for shopping.

You know how Indian weddings are, all the rituals and celebrations for several days, but we are maintaining it real simple and around close relatives only. I will definitely share pictures with you.

The person I am getting married to is being love of my life from past 6 years and I am feeling very glad to turn his wife. We have a big plans for our life ahead; we have taken a small rented apartment in New Delhi; we have purchased a land near to New Delhi and will start building our own house there; I am searching for a new job in New Delhi because I am moving there after marriage; and we are doing lots of savings.

Both families his and mine are happy. Life is beautiful now and there are no regrets leaving. I will keep writing, now and forever.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014

Once in a 365 days

     There are very rare moments in your life when your curse turned out to be the blessings for you. It was my birthday, I was alone and wondering would anyone remember this day for me or would anyone make this day memorable enough so I can remember this day at least till 26th January of the next year.

     So before the clock could hit to the 12 midnight, before I could wish for anything else, I was surrounded by the most beautiful people of my life. It is true that beauty is not something that you always carry on your face but it is all about your heart.

     It is not something that you can demonstrate with your makeup or veil with your fake smile. It is something that passes from one to another, yesterday it was for someone else, today it is for me and tomorrow may be it will be for you but the most vital thing is, it must pass on.

     Today the sun is same, the moon is no different, and stars are parallel but what is it about today that making my phone ringing off the hook all day, all night. Those I have not heard about from many months are reaching for me today, so I believe I have got some power today or may be it is just a magic because out of those three hundred and sixty five days, once in a year, today is the only day which is meant for me because today is the day I was born.

     Thank you for those who remembered this day for me and taking out their precious time for me. And thank you for those too who forgot and didn't bothered me at all.

     Thank you all for making this day beautiful enough.

P.S. - Special thanks to Nivedita Rashingar, Arjun Agarwal, Sonam Dixit and Piyush Agarwal.