Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hello again

It's been more than a year, almost two years I guess. How are you all doing so far? I am hoping all is going well and praying for you all.

I am doing good with my life. Last time when I was writing I was about to get married and look where I am today. I have a family now, last year I was blessed with a baby.

Life is occupied with lots of things, so much to do and of course there is always less time. I don't even get a time to open my laptop. So I decided to write a blog from mobile app. But I am using Microsoft Windows phone so couldn't get any such app. Luckily I installed this app 'MyBlogger Free' lets see how helpful this will be. I usually sleep during my travel time from home to office and office to home I guess its time to utilize those time now.

You won't believe what time it is 00:23, my baby is sleeping I think I should also sleep now. Take care and have a good night sleep.