Friday, July 19, 2013

Do svidaniya...

     We meet people everyday where ever we go streets, markets, bus, college, office. Sometimes we see them, sometimes we ignore, sometimes we smile and sometimes we just say Hi. But friendship happens only when we find some connection, when we want to get to know that person more, when we want to show how much we care and then we choose to be a friend, to be a storyteller and to be a secret keeper.

     We saw them every day, we talked to them every now and then, we share our stories, together we find every day something new. It's a good feeling, it's a hope that someone is out there taking care of you, he will be on your side no matter what, he won't let you do stupid things alone and he will never abandon you.

     More than every truth and more than any lie it’s hard to say goodbye. It's not comfortable. You have to be strong but it's not easy because you are in the grief of loosing someone who was there with you for a long time but now he is not next to you, he is no longer your sight, you need time to breath, you need time to heal and you need time to realize.

     Sometimes moments were short and the conversation seems to be cutting down, you may not get the chance to show how much you care, to show your affection, to tell them how you have done difficult things so easily only because of their help.

     Saying goodbye is hard, it's raw and it's rough. But you can say more than Goodbye, show them how you feel, show them you care, thank them for every moment you lived together, they deserve to know this. Finish your conversation, celebrate your every moment together and left no regrets for later.

     Friendship is the only relation which is chosen by you, your chosen gift. Time will never come back, tell them you will remember every single day you spent together, you will love them, you will never forget them and the time was too short to know each other but you are glad that we met.