Thursday, November 28, 2013

You will never fade away

   You maybe the best man of my life. You maybe the most good looking man I have ever seen and maybe you are way too superior to me. You think the whole world revolves around you like we know the theory of 'center of attraction', like gravity that attracts everything toward you. 

   You knew it from the beginning so you decided to play games out of it. You said you are the one and I believed you. You said you would never leave me and I believed you. Like a dark as the night and bright as the day I thought you will forever going to stay.

   I feed you with my pride and so called admiration. You rooted deep into my heart and I let you grow, day by day. I hold you so gently, I thought you would understand. I thought you would understand that you are my beloved, for me you are the
 precious and the only one. 

   But now I realize nothing lasts for long. The air that you breathe, the vision that you create is no longer the same. Your brightest face and your golden heart have lost its value. 

   Yes, it's not easy for me so I believe it's not easy for you too.

   Let's forget that I am deep cut inside and you are hiding your scars. Let's believe we are beautiful again and this is never going to fade away. Let the life lead us to new horizons. 

   But I have decided not to leave you like this. You will live with me forever, in my dreams, in my stories, in my old diaries, in my secret drawer, somewhere below my table and places where no one will ever imagine.

   So, at night when I will raise my head up and look for the moon, I will possibly think of only you, because I always, always do.

Friday, November 15, 2013

How would you react?

Every living creature on this earth do react to the situation only the difference is how differently they react to it. In some ways not reacting is another way of reacting too.

This blog is entirely based on my personal opinion. There are no scientific studies have been done before writing it, only a few interviews.

This is the general idea that some people react over the situation after analyzing it they are the superior and most intellectual humans on this earth. And there are some who react without being calculative in response they are considered to be less intellectual and less superior.

Let's take an example here, assume that your phone rings, how much time would you take to answer that phone call? Of course if it is an important call you would react instantly and answer it. If you are not sure about answering it you analysis for a while, but if it is totally unnecessary call you won't mind letting it go.

While talking to some of my friends I realized that there are a lot many factors which truly affects our way of responding to the situation because yes some situations are much bigger than answering the phone call so it needs more dimensions here.

Taking into the consideration about the factors, our nature, our society, our psychological states, our past experiences, sometimes our gender too and trust me our physical fitness also plays a vital role in it.

It has been examined that relaxed or tensed people do react slowly to the situation rather than the people somewhere in-between.

Our age, the older we grow the slower we react to the situation. This includes our maturity level as well.

Whereas the male dominating society is considered  I don't have to say that women will be less responsive.

Love and affection are another aspect that makes us more protective towards our loved one and interestingly it makes us generous towards the society too.

Physical fitness also has a direct effect. People who find themselves fit or say the fitter the person is likely to respond to the situation directly.

And this is silly but somehow right that men are good in analyzing the situation whereas women are good at feeling the concern of the people so I guess they feel first then do the analysis later on.

Well I do not want to win over the situation but personally I am not a superior kind of. I do not expect everybody to be on my side always but yes if things go wrong I do not want the people hanging around me and losing themselves in thinking, being analytical and calculative. Who cares about the time, situation, principles, right and wrong when your own people needs you, be supportive.

The only conclusion I can find here after interviewing people is everybody wants to be a good human being which is very good but everybody has their own perceptions and ideas about being good.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So I guess I am doing OK

I am sorry its been more than a month and I have not updated any of my posts. There were lots happening these days, a lot of personal experience to write about and being a blogger its sad for me how I am not able to express all these to you. And when I say lot it means festivals, gathering, meetings, celebrations, separation, doctors visit and much more. If I start writing about all these stories I could blog for a long 60 days, daily.

Last evening I was going through my old diaries and I am astonished to see how most of the incidents were so sad in nature. I wonder am I a negative kind of person or sad things give me much stronger emotion to write.

And last night I said goodbye to one of the finest friends of mine and at the other hand learned a new things about my this new friend. So I guess I am doing OK.

Apart from writing these days I am reading 'The Diary of a Young Girl' by Anne Frank. Good book.

Those who doesn't know I would like to share this information that I am working on my own novel as well. 5 years is the maximum time limit I am giving of myself to make it ready for publishing. And I don't mind sharing a few pages with my readers, so just let me know and all kinds of suggestions and advices are acceptable.

So after a long time its good to be in touch with you all. I would love to make this conversation two ways. Tell me about yourself, what are you reading, places you visited, your family, your friends, your problems and believe me I have a lot of things to share with you all too.

And the far most important thing for me right now is "No matter what, I shall not stop writing".

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)
I am never without it (anywhere I go you go, my dear; 
And whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling)
I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)
I want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
And it's you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)

- By E. E. Cummings

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Time For Love

   The first time I saw him I was too young to understand what love is. Our names start with the same letter, does that means love? Love was sitting next to me for the whole year solving math problems, sharing lunch during recess, I let him borrow my pencil but I never got it back. With sadness I waved him goodbye when we got a part for the whole summer vacation.

   Maybe love changes every year, like weather. Maybe love remains same for ages, like history. Maybe love is complicated as you never get to solve it, like a math problem. Maybe Love lies somewhere in between the lines on our hands, like fate. Maybe love always has a happy ending, like a fairy tale. Maybe Love is perfect.

   But when Love arrived it has short hairs, he wears a loose shirt, he talks less and thinks too much.

   She doesn't know anything about makeup. She doesn't know how to cook at all. She goes crazy on the dance floor. Love has made me sick.

   Love is not perfect but Love is there. Love holds my hand before I fall.

   Love will never let me sleep way past midnight. Love doesn't care about thousands of bucks of a phone bill if he really wants to talk to me all day, all night.

   Love is a blush on my cheeks when someone puts our names together.

   I saw Love is peeking through the corners and edges of its eyes, sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable in public.

   Love surprises me on my Birthday. Love takes care of me when I am sick. Love sings for me so I can sleep. Love comes near to me and my heart beats gets faster. Love touches me and I feel like a roller-coaster ride. But I don't believe Love fights too when we disagree. Love breaks my heart.

   Maybe I am not perfect for Love, maybe Love is not ready for me. Maybe I lost it way back, maybe I have not found it yet.

   Sometimes you have to retain the Love and sometimes you have to let it go.

   Maybe Love will grow old with me. It will have wrinkles all over its body but his heart will be tender. Most of the times it will rest on its bed. Love will hardly talk.

   Love grows like a tree stretching to reach the sky, Love changes like it found a better person than me out there in this very world, Love disappears like a dream but I still have a slight recollection of it's in the morning.

   Maybe love should stay, maybe Love will not.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brother, Oh Brother!

   When we were kids I hated you, you were the person who teased me most and in a return I thought I could never love you back.

   You always wanted the same pen and notebook I choose for myself, you always wanted the place where I was sitting, you always wanted to reach for remote when I was watching ‘Friends’ on television. I don’t know how many secrets we have shared, I don’t remember how many fights we had together.

   But when we were young you became my friend. I realized we were so bonded. Sometimes you were right to say not everyone is worth being friend but when I told you 'I like that boy' you taught me all about the man's psychology but become his friend eventually. Sometimes you knocked my door just to ensure I am all right and I always hold your attention where ever I go.

   I know you could have been a soldier and serve for this country, I know you could have been a doctor and save many lives but you decided to become something else, out of the league and I respected you because you listen to your heart and I could see a great deal of myself in you.

   I love you because I know you know me better than anyone else, you know me how I feel when I succeed and what I feel when I don’t get what I wish.

   Thank you for everything you taught me, thank you for sharing your chocolates, thank you for all those rides on your bike, thank you for telling who is right and who is wrong and thank you for accepting my every demand. I know you are a good person at heart and upright citizen of this nation.

   I know if I ever need a strong man to hold my side you will be the first person. I know if any road romeo tries to tease me you will be there to punch him on his face.

   I am a girl, I am a woman, you protect me and respect me always and God knows I am lucky to have you all my life. But I ask you for more than that now, please do not just ignore the situation just because no one else is bother about it, never let down your eyes if you see anything is happening wrong, always speak up for the truth and raise your voice if you ever see injustice not only for me for, any girl, for anyone.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reason to Wander Jodhpur

     Summer and Jodhpur (Rajasthan) expedition, this amazing combination taught me an interesting fact that those extreme adventures are always the most memorable one. Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan known as the ‘sun-city’ or you can call it the ‘blue-city’. There are lots of ways to describe its beauty; it’s vibrant colorful view, outstanding hospitality, mouth-watering food, rich culture, royal history and much more.

Umaid Bhavan Palace 
Umaid Bhavan Palace, is abode of the Jodhpur Royal Family and the part of the Palace is managed by Taj Hotels. The castle is also operating a museum for Royal antiques where you can throw a glimpse of the Royal dining table, Royal dressing table, antique watches from all over the world and many more fantastic facts about the Royal family. It has a gallery of vintage cars. If you remember the epic Bollywood movie zubeidaa, well story belongs to here.

Mehrangarh Fort
Mehrangarh Fort, is one of the largest forts in India. It is situated in one of the highest levels in Jodhpur and view of city from here is mesmerizing. Mehrangarh Fort has a great history and many stories. One of the popular tourist places in Jodhpur and yes do not forget to visit the museum here, it’s amazing. ‘Sudh Desi Romance’ movie title track has been shot here. Great place to visit.

Mandore Fort
Mandore Fortwas once a fulfilled city but now it’s ruined. The only visible sites here are Mandore temple and its garden. It has a small playground for children you can have a visit here, have snacks and enjoy your time. 

Clock-tower, it is a busy place and one of the oldest market of Jodhpur with lot many small street shops I don’t think there is anything you can’t find here. We had a glass full of Keser lassi here, amazing.

I am not a foodie but I enjoyed every morsel of food that has been dished out to me here. The sense of local music is great and melodious; one after one song and you can’t stop listening.

     This place has so much to offer and I am too small to handle. Here, beauty is everywhere you just have to look for it.

     People talk about 'mirage' in stories well I won't say I have found my 'mirage' yet but Yes, I accept that I had a glimpse of it here. Land of beautiful people.

P.S.- Special thanks to Deepak and Anuradha for making this trip possible.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Have a Happy life

     I know we all have to prove our self at every step of our life whether we like it or not, that is the reason we have fights, tests, examinations, experiments and all. You try and try and try but there is no guarantee to be a master at what you do. You will still be shocked and frightened. And sometimes you are unable to answer the situation.

    You can be strong and you can be very judgmental, you can be kind and you can be so fragile but with these mixed feelings you can make a hell out of your life. But life doesn't have to be that hard the way of life has to be free and beautiful.

     May be you don't know what you want. May be you screw things when you don't like the way it is but it's ok. It's ok to get angry when you are hurt, it's ok to surrender when you are in love and its ok to be heartbroken when you trust. This is the part of our life, your life and my life. At least you are trying to be real with you. This is what we do, we are supposed to have emotions without it we all will be lost.

     What if I tell you an average person can live for 24,000 days only. In 24,000 days you will grow, you will learn, you will love and you will die someday. Isn't it really too less time to live your life.

     Yes you have been told not to talk to strangers but I tell you here do not stop being kind to them.

     Yes you have been told war is no good for humanity but I tell you here do not stop your heart to collect the broken pieces that war spreads all over the world.

     And yes you have been told life will be measured in how much money you earn but I tell you here do not avoid the fact that there might be something else (dreaming, writing, exploring the world...etc) you would really love to do, and you should not forget that.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Teenage Dream

     When I was a teen I used to collect coins, magazines, pictures of movie stars, writing notes and do lots of cycling around old houses. We didn’t have many options to watch on television with 'Doordarshan' channel, so it’s better to play with friends. But after the advent of color televisions and more channels we girls used to get together after school and watch television all evening.

     Do you remember when we were teenagers we always wanted to be someone like a pop star, movie star, superstar as they are born to be praised by fans and followers like us. They motivated us to be beautiful, good looking, rich, successful and happy.

     Michael Jackson & Madonna was the most inspiring pop stars of my generation and liked by every teen, but I always go with the minority in this scenario I always liked the Latina sensation Jennifer Lopez, JLO. She was attractive and beautiful in her own ways but my friends used to say "She is not beautiful". Interestingly I never considered myself as a beautiful girl in my group or a class but that might be the reason it brought me closer to her, praise her and idolize her.

     Her journey right from the backup dancer till the stardom was never been easy. Imagine, how hard it would be for her to become a Hollywood mainstream superstar when she was actually from a Latino background with an average looks. But she succeeded. She is dam hard working person. She performs multiple tasks, movies, singing, dancing, concerts, business and personal life. I wish I could be as strong and self made women like her.

     Jennifer says she does not drink alcohol, smoke, or experiment with drugs, she stays natural and no plastic surgery unlike most of the superstars. Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck was the best picture of the perfect couple for me that time. I loved her song 'Jenny from the Block' the most and I still do.

     The way she dances and her beautiful voice, her perfect toned body and her different but attractive looks which made her shine wherever she goes always inspired me to be like her. Those were the days and even today I have never dropped the feeling to be like her. I have never stopped liking her. She’s still my 'The favorite pop star'.

     She has always given me the positive feeling that you can be beautiful and conquer the world with whatever you have and whoever you are.

For me to love her is loving myself in many ways.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Do svidaniya...

     We meet people everyday where ever we go streets, markets, bus, college, office. Sometimes we see them, sometimes we ignore, sometimes we smile and sometimes we just say Hi. But friendship happens only when we find some connection, when we want to get to know that person more, when we want to show how much we care and then we choose to be a friend, to be a storyteller and to be a secret keeper.

     We saw them every day, we talked to them every now and then, we share our stories, together we find every day something new. It's a good feeling, it's a hope that someone is out there taking care of you, he will be on your side no matter what, he won't let you do stupid things alone and he will never abandon you.

     More than every truth and more than any lie it’s hard to say goodbye. It's not comfortable. You have to be strong but it's not easy because you are in the grief of loosing someone who was there with you for a long time but now he is not next to you, he is no longer your sight, you need time to breath, you need time to heal and you need time to realize.

     Sometimes moments were short and the conversation seems to be cutting down, you may not get the chance to show how much you care, to show your affection, to tell them how you have done difficult things so easily only because of their help.

     Saying goodbye is hard, it's raw and it's rough. But you can say more than Goodbye, show them how you feel, show them you care, thank them for every moment you lived together, they deserve to know this. Finish your conversation, celebrate your every moment together and left no regrets for later.

     Friendship is the only relation which is chosen by you, your chosen gift. Time will never come back, tell them you will remember every single day you spent together, you will love them, you will never forget them and the time was too short to know each other but you are glad that we met.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Halfway To Paradise

     3rd of July 2013, this is the second time I have been to Varkari. Vari or Varkari is a religious movement of the people of the Hindu religion which takes place in Maharashtra and northern part of Karnataka. This tradition is followed by the people of Maharashtra for more than seven hundred years.

Vithoba (Vitthala) idole
     Every year pilgrims (Vari) carries Paduka (sandals) of the saints in a palkhi and travelled from their location to Pandharpur which is known as Varkari they gathered at Pandharpur on ekadashi (The 11th day) of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Aashaadha (which falls sometime in July).

     Varkari is dedicated to the worship of Vithoba (Vitthal). People worship Vithoba in the form of Lord Krishna, an incarnation of lord Vishnu. The teachers responsible for establishing and supporting the movement through its history include  Dnyaneshwar, Namdev, Chokhamela, Eknath, and Tukaram. Devotees of Vitthala who gather from all over Maharashtra, walking all the way from their homes to Pandharpur to have the holy darshan of their beloved deity.

5:30 am at the beginning
     My journey began in the morning at 5:30 am when we all gathered at Swargate station. We had a group of 42 people including all the family members, friends and relatives. We started walking by taking the name of lord Vitthala. It was still dark and you can hardly see the view clearly but still I can see how pilgrims from all the places are walking and adjoining us, it's a mesmerizing view.

     Slightly view is getting more and more clear, number of pilgrims are growing bigger and bigger. White clothes on their body, orange flags on hands repeating good name of the lord walking and dancing. Their attire making hard to look them different from one another. They all looks same, surely this is one of the primary reasons for doing this hardship, walking all this long looking alike because in the eyes of God we all are same and be treated as equal.

     Around 9 O'clock in the morning we had our breakfast and around 12:30 in the noon we had our lunch. We halted for 6 times during our journey for tea, breakfast and lunch. And 7 O'clock in the evening we reached to Saswad, our destination from where we came back to our home. This is not the end for the extreme pilgrims they had to go ahead for around 180 Kms more to get to the Pandharpur. This journey takes 18 days of walking to get to the Pandharpur.
Children waiting up for Palkhi

     The fact is pilgrim's walk all this long not to get anything from god, this journey is to show thanks towards the god. They see God in each and every person. I am happy to know that pilgrims walk for so long just to see and meet their God, they are not carrying any wishes in their heart and they do not want anything in return except to see God and to feel purity.

     We have walked in devotion for the Shri Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. The actual journey for Dnyaneshwar Maharaj is about 235 kms from Alandi to Pandharpur and we have covered around 40 Kms.

     My legs are paining and I am writing this blog just to tell you how grateful I am for being the part of this journey. And yes I have learnt a lot from this.

Glimpse of Palkhi 
     We have started with hundreds of people they grew to thousands and became millions. Everything looks so unorganized but still I am amazed to see how deeply they are so arranged and systematize and no mishap. Everything reached to us was on time and we have completed our journey on time.

      In order to understand the true meaning of Varkari someone recommended me to watch marathi movie 'Gajaar'. Here I am suggesting you the same.

     P. S. - Thanks to Santosh for educating me about Varkari. Thanks to Yashodhan, Saikat and Kaustub for walking along. Thanks to Jaya and Bhavna for taking good care of me and special thanks to all the people for not making me feel unrelated.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To Love What You Have

You grow up with your family, you choose to share with your friends. And one day You get to know someone, you find that person interesting and you decide to share your time, happy moments and bitterness with him and then you decide to be with him all the time for a very long period.

It goes well in the first place, you enjoy every moment of that part of your life. As the time passes, changes happen. You look at him and no, he is not the person you thought he was. You grow old, you become intellectual. Your mind takes place of your heart and you become so logical that you do not realize how you are making your present situation more and more worst.

The reason for this is not because you turn out to be a bad person this is because you have seen enough and experienced enough throughout your life and that your heart become so strong. No matter what you decide again and again every time you think of choosing your own way out, leaving him behind, making him your past and close that chapter of your life.

But you wake up in the next morning, you get dressed, your coffee smells the same, you see people smiling around you and you find another reason to make things up.

I have heard enough stories about heart breaking and desolation but remember you will get hurt only when you fall in love. And to love someone is never ever a wrong decision.

Why always bother about the things that you never had or will never have. Why being a human, being the known most intellectual species of this universe we just say but do not realize that love conquers all. Love what you have, grow old with them and grow better.

It is so easier to love what you have my dear. It's really easy to choose to love what you have and you have so much.

This life is so small to hate anyone, to leave people behind and never get to see them again. You cannot imagine what it takes.

I love this life no matter what I have been through, what I have kept and what I have lost. I love this life in order to love what I have.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dialing 011

     One of the busiest railway stations in India which is having 16 platforms and people never stop travelling. You can find beautiful girls and handsome guys everywhere. Unbroken roads, huge malls, great history and a lot more. The perfect destination to see modern India which goes hand in hand with our traditional India, which is equally important.

    There are more than hundred of places you can visit in Delhi but this article is about the ten places I have visited during my time here. I have chosen these places according to my wish not as per their popularities.

Nehru Place
1. Nehru Place
     This is located in the south New Delhi and it is considered to be the biggest IT hub of South Asia. There are multiple shops for computer hardware, office space, banks, ATM, small hotels and many more. I have been there because I had to buy a laptop. The nearby metro station is Nehru Place.

Rajiv Chowk Metro Station
2. Rajiv Chowk
     It is one of the busiest metro station, reason it is a transfer metro station where you can transfer from yellow line to blue line or vise verse. It is connecting station. If you ever visit to New Delhi I recommend you to travel via metro and get a look of Rajiv Chowk once.

Connaught Place
3. Connaught Place
     The Rajiv Chowk metro station serves for the Connaught Place. Connaught Place is one of the largest shopping locations in New Delhi. The structure of CP is in a big circle with an inner and outer circle. It is considered as one of the top heritage structures of Delhi. There are so many numbers of movies sequences have been shot here e.g. 3 idiots, special 26 etc. It is well known place so it doesn't need any further description.

Chandani Chowk

4. Chandani Chowk
     Chandani Chowk is one of the oldest market place of Delhi. It is located in Old Delhi and it has a great history footprint. It is located on the opposite to the Red fort of Delhi. It is another place in Delhi where movie sequences have been shot e.g. Delhi 6 etc. The reason for Chandani Chowk to be so famous all over the world is because of it's large shopping area, good food and temples and mosque to worship. The nearby metro station is Chandani Chowk.

     Parathe wali gali
5. Paranthe Wali Gali
     Parathe wali gali is located in Chandani Chowk. This place is totally dedicated to a number of paratha shops. This gali is so famous you got to visit here once, if you are in Old Delhi. I have counted myself and I find more than 50 varieties of paratha's here. It's not a regular paratha of course it serves deep fried paratha that I have never seen or tasted before. I enjoyed eating here. The nearby metro station is Chandani Chowk.

Pigeon Feeding
6. Pigeon Feeding
     During my visit to the old part of Delhi I have got a chance to feed those beautiful birds, pigeon. It seems to me kind of tradition here to feed pigeons. If you never did this in your life I suggest you feed these pigeons once and you will definitely love to do it again and again. And you do not need to come to particularly Delhi for this.

7. ISKCON Temple
     ISKCON Temple or Sri Radha Krishnachandra Temple is located in East of Kailash, New Delhi. This is one of the largest temples in Delhi with long galleries and corridors with Lord Krishna's pictures on it which describes all of his life and preachings. East of Kailash is one of the crowded area in Delhi but when you enter into the ISKCON Temple you find peace and you lost yourself when you hear and repeat devine words "Hare Rama Hare Krishna" chants. The nearby metro station is Nehru Place.

8. Raj Ghat
     It is a memorial to our Father of Nation Late Mahatma Gandhi. For me it's a kind of spiritual place.
Raj Ghat
9. Top Breads
     There are lots of other places to write about but reason to include "Top Bread" here is its a small modern restaurant where you can find a lot many types of breads and bakery. Food is delicious. The best thing about this place is it has a salad bar where you have a full freedom to make your own salad. This was the first time I have visited here and I loved this place. Yes the price is a little high but believe me its worthy too. The nearby metro station is Noida sector 18.

Salad Bar
Varieties of breads

The Great India Place Mall
10. The Great India Place Mall
     The reason behind including "The Great India Place Mall" in this list is not only because this is one of the largest mall running in India but because this is the place where I used to visit so frequently during my MBA college time. My favorite outlet here is Globus. You can shop, eat, drink or just hang out with your friends here. The nearby metro station is Noida sector 18.

     Hereby, I am closing my diary. Delhi welcomed me when the sun was in peak and unbearable and farewell was with heavy drops of rain. This is the beauty and burden of Delhi. But I love this place with my whole heart.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Exploring Indore

I have been suggested just to "eat a lot when you are in Indore". My main purpose to visit Indore is to just eat. Our visit here is for less than a day lets see how much we could explore.

The day we reached Indore was one of the finest day. We reached in Indore around 8 o'clock in the morning. The wind was blowing mildly, last night it was the first rain of this year monsoon, the weather was perfect how could we miss to have a sip of tea. After getting fresh we went for breakfast. The sweetest breakfast we could have is hot Jalebi.

Jalebi preparation 
Jalebi & Imarti

Khajrana Ganesh Temple

It's 9:30 o'clock in the morning and we are here in "Khajrana Ganesh Temple", a pilgrimage center of Indore. You can get every possible section of Hindu gods here. This is the only spiritual place we visited in Indore. Additionally we experience the pilgrimage of P. P. Shri Gurudev Maharaj too.

Lord Ganesh idol
P. P. Shri Gurudev Maharaj 

View of Chappan Dukan
It was around 12 in the noon we were at "Chappan Dukan" in English "56 shops", one of the most recommended eating spots in Indore. We ordered Cholla tikiya, hot dog and Kesar Sweet Lassi at "Young Tarang Restaurant". Must say you have to have excellent appetite when you are in Indore otherwise there is no use of coming here.

 Hot dog & Kesar Sweet Lassi
Cholla tikiya

Butter Lassi

It was around 2 o'clock in the afternoon we found a nice restaurant outskirts of Indore "Horn Ok Please" its a Panjabi restaurant with various props. We had a proper lunch here as we ordered Paneer Tikka masala, lachcha paratha, Bundi Raita and butter Lassi. It's awesome.

Paneer Tikka masala
& lachcha paratha
Bundi Raita

If you are a big fan follower of Mughal-e-Azam a classic period epic movie of bollywood you should visit "Sheesh Mahal" but don't go with a big hope it is nothing like that is shown in the movie but surely it has its own beauty. From floor to roof every centimeter of it is made up of  multicolored glasses, green, blue, yellow  and so on. You are not allowed to take pictures here, this is sad.

There is another best thing to do in Indore is full shopping, "Sitlamata bazaar" is worthy to shop. "Rajwada" and "Sarafa bazaar" is nearby places where you could find a crowded place for shopping and eating. Sarafa bazaar is well known for gold and silver market but during the evening and night time it turns out to be full eating spot. Till 6 pm in the evening we were engaged in shopping. At  7pm in the evening we on board to our bus.
Sarafa bazaar
Verity of namkeen


Dress materials

I personally recommend everyone to visit Indore once in a life. If you are found eating, this city will never ever underestimate you, I can bet. You can enjoy eating and shopping both in a high spirit. And people are really kind and helpful here.

P.S. - Special thanks to Aarti for being my travel partner in this journey.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Do you believe in me?

Do you remember when you are not able to solve your own problems and someone tries to sort them out for you. When his or her choice is not just to make you happy but to cry with you when you are sad and alone. And then you learn to believe in him/her.

"I believe in you." you don't have to say this. I will understand this when you will need me. I will read your eyes and smell your senses.

Believing in someone is the most unbelievable aspect that's why you could uncommonly find it. How many times it happens that someone express you that he or she believes in you. When someone doesn't even care where you come from, no matter who actually you are and built a trust around you.

I believe in you because you don't just excite me with several suggestions and left me wondering what to do because you are the one who has every possible solution of my dizzy life. Because there is something about you that you can't see or realize but someone else sees in you and distinguishes you from others.

So why do you believe in me but not others. It's not a question it's an accountability for me to prove myself to you. It's a chance for me to do my best for you. Among thousands of people you know, you choose to believe in me. When you hold my hand I trust you. When you share your fear I will protect you.

"I believe in you" as I believe that I am living a life not only because I breathe but because I am serving a purpose you to believe in me.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One hot day

It was a hot day, days of summer. I never liked to travel in hot days, it’s always dreadful for me. So I carry my sunglasses everywhere I go. In the western part of India summer could be really hot.
I was in the bus. I was travelling from Mumbai to Pune. I usually carry one bag pack with a bottle of water only. It’s not easy for me to handle many bags at a time while travelling.
The Bus was barely full there were so many seats were left vacant might be because people hardly travel during this time of the day. I managed to get one entire row. I opened the window, oh even air is too hot. There were many more stoppages to come bus will be full in next 1 hour.
After a few minutes a woman came and sat next to me, she was with a boy, may be her son. I shifted toward inside so she could manage to sit properly with her son. On my front one seat as also vacant and her son was continually asking for the front seat. I didn't pay any attention.
Mother was requesting him again and again "you will get hurt, sit with me". Meanwhile I looked at them and then I realized the boy was mentally retarded. His eyes were different and he barely understands what she was trying to say.
The Conductor came and asked for money so he can give tickets to them. But boy was still asking for the front seat. The Conductor said "keep your boy with you". But how could boy understand this, he still wants front seat. Conductor shouted "Keep your boy with you, if he will get hurt we won’t be responsible".
For a long time I didn't say anything. The boy was still sitting in the front row and in every five minutes he used to come back to his mother and hug her and again go for the front seat.
So I asked her "Shall I move to some other place so he can sit with you?" and she replied "If you don’t mind". The mother asked her boy to sit with her in a window seat. And I replaced my seat with the front.
Now window glass was full open no matter it’s hot or dry outside. May be he just wanted to feel the air. I know he could barely understand our language, what should I say.
But I was relaxed now and he was much happier than earlier.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Disclosure to my readers:

I know it's been four days I am not posting anything new but  do not worry believe me I am working on it and will write soon something good and worthy.

There are lots of things going on around these days. Spent my weekends with my parents in Mumbai and  I have a schedule to visit New Delhi next week and hopefully will get something interesting for you from there but before going to New Delhi I will definitely show my work to you.

Must tell you today I found my very old friend from my school days so it was a long chat and I am glad.

The day I started writing blog I decided to being a loyal and regular to my readers and I will keep my promise.

You all stay healthy and fit. Take care of yourself.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Flip your coin

Some people have a trouble to make quick decisions not because they cannot think of anything its because they could not find the way to tell which one is better than another.

These days world gives us so many choices. Which store to go, which brand to buy, what to eat, what to drink. Even when you make a new mail ID it will give you to choose your own suitable name. So the question remains the same what to choose.

So this article is about how to choose for yourself. The very old and prominent way to make a choice is to flip a coin. And I agree it's really works some times. Some times...??? well it will work for you every time you just need to listen to your heart.

So make a choice and flip your coin and your right answer is not "head or tail" your answer is what you are wishing for when your coin was actually hanging there in the air. While your coin is in the air what ever you are wishing for is the only thing you actually want. Go for it.

As we all know your heart will give you always at least 2 choices. Yes or No. What to take and what to lose is purely your game now. Well say Shall I wear red or blue?, Shall I adopt a pet or not?, Shall I do it or not? and lot more. The most simple way out is to ask yourself a question "Do I really want it?". And if it gives you continues questions like how, when, why, possible, not possible and if your questions doesn't get end than please leave that option go for the simple one. When your answer is kind of burden for you and which is already coming to you with so many questions how can you be so sure your choice is correct.

Remember Gods way is always, always very simple without any complications. Its Evil who fills your mind with thousands of questions and yet no answer.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We are the people

I asked many people how do they describe "people" more specifically how do they describe themselves and it's really good to know that how we all think in a different ways but still stick together.

Family who takes care of you, friends who will never leave you no matter what happen and the one who loves you the most in the world and above all the almighty GOD.

I feel being human is the most simple and beautiful thing in the universe but still so complicated. The all we need is love and care and the all we want is money and success.

I have been to hills, I have been to desert, I have been to sea, I have been to land and many more places I can't even name but I wonder I have not seen any two who are same.

You are wonderful, unique and precious might be not for all but for some, definitely. Appreciate that about you. No one has ever been or ever will be like you.

This could be the only life we have so live it and the most love it.