Friday, August 16, 2013

Have a Happy life

     I know we all have to prove our self at every step of our life whether we like it or not, that is the reason we have fights, tests, examinations, experiments and all. You try and try and try but there is no guarantee to be a master at what you do. You will still be shocked and frightened. And sometimes you are unable to answer the situation.

    You can be strong and you can be very judgmental, you can be kind and you can be so fragile but with these mixed feelings you can make a hell out of your life. But life doesn't have to be that hard the way of life has to be free and beautiful.

     May be you don't know what you want. May be you screw things when you don't like the way it is but it's ok. It's ok to get angry when you are hurt, it's ok to surrender when you are in love and its ok to be heartbroken when you trust. This is the part of our life, your life and my life. At least you are trying to be real with you. This is what we do, we are supposed to have emotions without it we all will be lost.

     What if I tell you an average person can live for 24,000 days only. In 24,000 days you will grow, you will learn, you will love and you will die someday. Isn't it really too less time to live your life.

     Yes you have been told not to talk to strangers but I tell you here do not stop being kind to them.

     Yes you have been told war is no good for humanity but I tell you here do not stop your heart to collect the broken pieces that war spreads all over the world.

     And yes you have been told life will be measured in how much money you earn but I tell you here do not avoid the fact that there might be something else (dreaming, writing, exploring the world...etc) you would really love to do, and you should not forget that.