Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brother, Oh Brother!

   When we were kids I hated you, you were the person who teased me most and in a return I thought I could never love you back.

   You always wanted the same pen and notebook I choose for myself, you always wanted the place where I was sitting, you always wanted to reach for remote when I was watching ‘Friends’ on television. I don’t know how many secrets we have shared, I don’t remember how many fights we had together.

   But when we were young you became my friend. I realized we were so bonded. Sometimes you were right to say not everyone is worth being friend but when I told you 'I like that boy' you taught me all about the man's psychology but become his friend eventually. Sometimes you knocked my door just to ensure I am all right and I always hold your attention where ever I go.

   I know you could have been a soldier and serve for this country, I know you could have been a doctor and save many lives but you decided to become something else, out of the league and I respected you because you listen to your heart and I could see a great deal of myself in you.

   I love you because I know you know me better than anyone else, you know me how I feel when I succeed and what I feel when I don’t get what I wish.

   Thank you for everything you taught me, thank you for sharing your chocolates, thank you for all those rides on your bike, thank you for telling who is right and who is wrong and thank you for accepting my every demand. I know you are a good person at heart and upright citizen of this nation.

   I know if I ever need a strong man to hold my side you will be the first person. I know if any road romeo tries to tease me you will be there to punch him on his face.

   I am a girl, I am a woman, you protect me and respect me always and God knows I am lucky to have you all my life. But I ask you for more than that now, please do not just ignore the situation just because no one else is bother about it, never let down your eyes if you see anything is happening wrong, always speak up for the truth and raise your voice if you ever see injustice not only for me for, any girl, for anyone.