Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To Love What You Have

You grow up with your family, you choose to share with your friends. And one day You get to know someone, you find that person interesting and you decide to share your time, happy moments and bitterness with him and then you decide to be with him all the time for a very long period.

It goes well in the first place, you enjoy every moment of that part of your life. As the time passes, changes happen. You look at him and no, he is not the person you thought he was. You grow old, you become intellectual. Your mind takes place of your heart and you become so logical that you do not realize how you are making your present situation more and more worst.

The reason for this is not because you turn out to be a bad person this is because you have seen enough and experienced enough throughout your life and that your heart become so strong. No matter what you decide again and again every time you think of choosing your own way out, leaving him behind, making him your past and close that chapter of your life.

But you wake up in the next morning, you get dressed, your coffee smells the same, you see people smiling around you and you find another reason to make things up.

I have heard enough stories about heart breaking and desolation but remember you will get hurt only when you fall in love. And to love someone is never ever a wrong decision.

Why always bother about the things that you never had or will never have. Why being a human, being the known most intellectual species of this universe we just say but do not realize that love conquers all. Love what you have, grow old with them and grow better.

It is so easier to love what you have my dear. It's really easy to choose to love what you have and you have so much.

This life is so small to hate anyone, to leave people behind and never get to see them again. You cannot imagine what it takes.

I love this life no matter what I have been through, what I have kept and what I have lost. I love this life in order to love what I have.