Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Exploring Indore

I have been suggested just to "eat a lot when you are in Indore". My main purpose to visit Indore is to just eat. Our visit here is for less than a day lets see how much we could explore.

The day we reached Indore was one of the finest day. We reached in Indore around 8 o'clock in the morning. The wind was blowing mildly, last night it was the first rain of this year monsoon, the weather was perfect how could we miss to have a sip of tea. After getting fresh we went for breakfast. The sweetest breakfast we could have is hot Jalebi.

Jalebi preparation 
Jalebi & Imarti

Khajrana Ganesh Temple

It's 9:30 o'clock in the morning and we are here in "Khajrana Ganesh Temple", a pilgrimage center of Indore. You can get every possible section of Hindu gods here. This is the only spiritual place we visited in Indore. Additionally we experience the pilgrimage of P. P. Shri Gurudev Maharaj too.

Lord Ganesh idol
P. P. Shri Gurudev Maharaj 

View of Chappan Dukan
It was around 12 in the noon we were at "Chappan Dukan" in English "56 shops", one of the most recommended eating spots in Indore. We ordered Cholla tikiya, hot dog and Kesar Sweet Lassi at "Young Tarang Restaurant". Must say you have to have excellent appetite when you are in Indore otherwise there is no use of coming here.

 Hot dog & Kesar Sweet Lassi
Cholla tikiya

Butter Lassi

It was around 2 o'clock in the afternoon we found a nice restaurant outskirts of Indore "Horn Ok Please" its a Panjabi restaurant with various props. We had a proper lunch here as we ordered Paneer Tikka masala, lachcha paratha, Bundi Raita and butter Lassi. It's awesome.

Paneer Tikka masala
& lachcha paratha
Bundi Raita

If you are a big fan follower of Mughal-e-Azam a classic period epic movie of bollywood you should visit "Sheesh Mahal" but don't go with a big hope it is nothing like that is shown in the movie but surely it has its own beauty. From floor to roof every centimeter of it is made up of  multicolored glasses, green, blue, yellow  and so on. You are not allowed to take pictures here, this is sad.

There is another best thing to do in Indore is full shopping, "Sitlamata bazaar" is worthy to shop. "Rajwada" and "Sarafa bazaar" is nearby places where you could find a crowded place for shopping and eating. Sarafa bazaar is well known for gold and silver market but during the evening and night time it turns out to be full eating spot. Till 6 pm in the evening we were engaged in shopping. At  7pm in the evening we on board to our bus.
Sarafa bazaar
Verity of namkeen


Dress materials

I personally recommend everyone to visit Indore once in a life. If you are found eating, this city will never ever underestimate you, I can bet. You can enjoy eating and shopping both in a high spirit. And people are really kind and helpful here.

P.S. - Special thanks to Aarti for being my travel partner in this journey.