Thursday, November 28, 2013

You will never fade away

   You maybe the best man of my life. You maybe the most good looking man I have ever seen and maybe you are way too superior to me. You think the whole world revolves around you like we know the theory of 'center of attraction', like gravity that attracts everything toward you. 

   You knew it from the beginning so you decided to play games out of it. You said you are the one and I believed you. You said you would never leave me and I believed you. Like a dark as the night and bright as the day I thought you will forever going to stay.

   I feed you with my pride and so called admiration. You rooted deep into my heart and I let you grow, day by day. I hold you so gently, I thought you would understand. I thought you would understand that you are my beloved, for me you are the
 precious and the only one. 

   But now I realize nothing lasts for long. The air that you breathe, the vision that you create is no longer the same. Your brightest face and your golden heart have lost its value. 

   Yes, it's not easy for me so I believe it's not easy for you too.

   Let's forget that I am deep cut inside and you are hiding your scars. Let's believe we are beautiful again and this is never going to fade away. Let the life lead us to new horizons. 

   But I have decided not to leave you like this. You will live with me forever, in my dreams, in my stories, in my old diaries, in my secret drawer, somewhere below my table and places where no one will ever imagine.

   So, at night when I will raise my head up and look for the moon, I will possibly think of only you, because I always, always do.