Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So I guess I am doing OK

I am sorry its been more than a month and I have not updated any of my posts. There were lots happening these days, a lot of personal experience to write about and being a blogger its sad for me how I am not able to express all these to you. And when I say lot it means festivals, gathering, meetings, celebrations, separation, doctors visit and much more. If I start writing about all these stories I could blog for a long 60 days, daily.

Last evening I was going through my old diaries and I am astonished to see how most of the incidents were so sad in nature. I wonder am I a negative kind of person or sad things give me much stronger emotion to write.

And last night I said goodbye to one of the finest friends of mine and at the other hand learned a new things about my this new friend. So I guess I am doing OK.

Apart from writing these days I am reading 'The Diary of a Young Girl' by Anne Frank. Good book.

Those who doesn't know I would like to share this information that I am working on my own novel as well. 5 years is the maximum time limit I am giving of myself to make it ready for publishing. And I don't mind sharing a few pages with my readers, so just let me know and all kinds of suggestions and advices are acceptable.

So after a long time its good to be in touch with you all. I would love to make this conversation two ways. Tell me about yourself, what are you reading, places you visited, your family, your friends, your problems and believe me I have a lot of things to share with you all too.

And the far most important thing for me right now is "No matter what, I shall not stop writing".