Thursday, May 30, 2013

Do you believe in me?

Do you remember when you are not able to solve your own problems and someone tries to sort them out for you. When his or her choice is not just to make you happy but to cry with you when you are sad and alone. And then you learn to believe in him/her.

"I believe in you." you don't have to say this. I will understand this when you will need me. I will read your eyes and smell your senses.

Believing in someone is the most unbelievable aspect that's why you could uncommonly find it. How many times it happens that someone express you that he or she believes in you. When someone doesn't even care where you come from, no matter who actually you are and built a trust around you.

I believe in you because you don't just excite me with several suggestions and left me wondering what to do because you are the one who has every possible solution of my dizzy life. Because there is something about you that you can't see or realize but someone else sees in you and distinguishes you from others.

So why do you believe in me but not others. It's not a question it's an accountability for me to prove myself to you. It's a chance for me to do my best for you. Among thousands of people you know, you choose to believe in me. When you hold my hand I trust you. When you share your fear I will protect you.

"I believe in you" as I believe that I am living a life not only because I breathe but because I am serving a purpose you to believe in me.