Friday, May 17, 2013

Flip your coin

Some people have a trouble to make quick decisions not because they cannot think of anything its because they could not find the way to tell which one is better than another.

These days world gives us so many choices. Which store to go, which brand to buy, what to eat, what to drink. Even when you make a new mail ID it will give you to choose your own suitable name. So the question remains the same what to choose.

So this article is about how to choose for yourself. The very old and prominent way to make a choice is to flip a coin. And I agree it's really works some times. Some times...??? well it will work for you every time you just need to listen to your heart.

So make a choice and flip your coin and your right answer is not "head or tail" your answer is what you are wishing for when your coin was actually hanging there in the air. While your coin is in the air what ever you are wishing for is the only thing you actually want. Go for it.

As we all know your heart will give you always at least 2 choices. Yes or No. What to take and what to lose is purely your game now. Well say Shall I wear red or blue?, Shall I adopt a pet or not?, Shall I do it or not? and lot more. The most simple way out is to ask yourself a question "Do I really want it?". And if it gives you continues questions like how, when, why, possible, not possible and if your questions doesn't get end than please leave that option go for the simple one. When your answer is kind of burden for you and which is already coming to you with so many questions how can you be so sure your choice is correct.

Remember Gods way is always, always very simple without any complications. Its Evil who fills your mind with thousands of questions and yet no answer.