Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When I have decided to blog.....

Hi friends,

I am Kalpana T., alias - KT. I am working professional and Satisfied with my life.

It's bit hard to get time, a regular time to write blogs beyond my office hour but the most difficult thing for me at this time is to get an appropriate, interesting and most suitable topic for my new blog. After a long and big thinking I came up with the most easy to find topic and I decided to choose my topic as "People I meet and Places I go".

The reason for choosing this topic is you don't have to go anywhere else for them after all you are surrounded by them every time and I know I will get every time some thing new to write about. Eventually you will come to know whats new comes up with it.

This is my first blog ever and I hope my readers would like it, appreciate it and offer their suggestions if and ever they feel like.