Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One hot day

It was a hot day, days of summer. I never liked to travel in hot days, it’s always dreadful for me. So I carry my sunglasses everywhere I go. In the western part of India summer could be really hot.
I was in the bus. I was travelling from Mumbai to Pune. I usually carry one bag pack with a bottle of water only. It’s not easy for me to handle many bags at a time while travelling.
The Bus was barely full there were so many seats were left vacant might be because people hardly travel during this time of the day. I managed to get one entire row. I opened the window, oh even air is too hot. There were many more stoppages to come bus will be full in next 1 hour.
After a few minutes a woman came and sat next to me, she was with a boy, may be her son. I shifted toward inside so she could manage to sit properly with her son. On my front one seat as also vacant and her son was continually asking for the front seat. I didn't pay any attention.
Mother was requesting him again and again "you will get hurt, sit with me". Meanwhile I looked at them and then I realized the boy was mentally retarded. His eyes were different and he barely understands what she was trying to say.
The Conductor came and asked for money so he can give tickets to them. But boy was still asking for the front seat. The Conductor said "keep your boy with you". But how could boy understand this, he still wants front seat. Conductor shouted "Keep your boy with you, if he will get hurt we won’t be responsible".
For a long time I didn't say anything. The boy was still sitting in the front row and in every five minutes he used to come back to his mother and hug her and again go for the front seat.
So I asked her "Shall I move to some other place so he can sit with you?" and she replied "If you don’t mind". The mother asked her boy to sit with her in a window seat. And I replaced my seat with the front.
Now window glass was full open no matter it’s hot or dry outside. May be he just wanted to feel the air. I know he could barely understand our language, what should I say.
But I was relaxed now and he was much happier than earlier.